The beginning.

I’m Anna
There was a small table and two teas.
Anna (that is, me) was with her partner, Joanna.
I have liked dressmaking since I was little.
Someday it became a job.
It’s my very important world.
But it’s very thin.

The world is full of clothes.
It also seems to be full of “freedom” in a sense.

But sometimes I feel sorry.
They are treated very dwarfly.
Clothes bring joy to people’s hearts. Nevertheless, “factory”, “company”, and “society” forget about it. I’m sure it will be more profitable. I sometimes get sad. That is very. At least we don’t have that idea. No, I wasn’t originally born with such an idea. I believe so.

Joanna gives me a lot of joy.
And Joanna and I are partners through public and private. My name is tentative. There are various reasons, but should I say LGBT?

Let’s return the story.
Yes, “this” started at the afternoon gathering.

It is the “scale” of “each”.
German blood is flowing in me. That’s why I chose German for the name. (Both I and Joanna are French nationalities)

Have a free scale! To each of us!

My heart has been decided. And it started to move.
The first thing I went to was to get together. This is a small and narrow project. I said the reason earlier. So it makes a lot of sense. “Do not have a rule” is defined as a rule. It’s a lot of fun.

A group of dressmakers gathered.
・ Me and Joanna
・ Erik (Germany)
・ Rebekka (Finland)
after that
Rebekka’s friend Maija. Then her old friend, her Yoshiko Kubo, introduced me to her Urano.

I decided to make a very new attempt in a rule without rules.
that is
Do not decide the country of origin.
Also, the design should be adapted to each country. (Of course, this is the main design source arrangement with each designer)

Have a scale for each country and make it the final design. In that case, we think that it is better for the sewer to use the soil of that country.
We do not fight. I won’t war.
And I want to put my feet on the ground as much as possible. So also minimize the internet. We do not sell directly. I don’t even make contacts. It’s all up to the seller. Buyers, cellars, shops. They believe in them. I pray that our wishes will be conveyed.

We hope that “each” will enjoy our clothes “with a scale”. thank you.



by ” Garage eden “